St John' Regional College Curriculum Guide 2022

2022 Curriculum Guide 2 WELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Welcome to the St John’s Regional College Curriculum Guide where you will gain a sense of the many opportunities that are available to our students in a full range of academic, artistic, sporting and co- curricular pursuits. Our Junior and Senior Curriculum Guides are updated each year to reflect any changes to courses or subject additions throughout our Year 7-12 curriculum. I cannot remember a year where there has not been some alteration or change to our program. This reflects our responsibilities to adapt to changing Government Education policies but also our own desire to prepare students with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to thrive in a fast paced technologically driven society. Something that will not change however is our strong belief in educating the whole person. This is the foundational philosophy of all Catholic Schools and is what drives us to provide the comprehensive curriculum which you find within these pages. A curriculum which provides for education in all aspects of human development in Year 7-9 and then as students start to discern their talents, interests and pathways we provide a broad range of subjects including VET as part of the Victorian Certificate of Education and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning programs. We are quietly confident that whatever our students chose to do we can cater for their career interests. High Achievers Of the 115 Year 12 students in 2020, 13 successfully completed their Victorian Certificate of Applied learning and 102 students were awarded their Victorian Certificate of Education. I congratulate the Dux of St John’s Regional College for 2020 Danny Phan with a score of 91.75. In an interrupted year Danny was very focused and consistent in his application to his studies. In 2021 he commenced his study of the Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University. New Facilities The development of the St John’s Masterplan continues in 2021 with the construction of our new Junior STEM Centre. The $5m two story facility will provide a wonderful space to study Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We only need to look at how the world is working to find solutions to the pandemic to understand the importance that these subjects play in our lives and hopefully to provide many future career pathways for our students. I thank our Acting Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching Mr. Dion Spoljar, Acting Contemporary Learning Leader Ms. Leana Bailey, along with the Leaders of our Key Learning Areas who have put this wonderful resource together. Mr Tim Hogan B. Comm, Grad. Dip. Ed, Grad. Dip. Student Welfare, Cert. Theo, MEDL Principal